Welcome to the internet home of the Wyo Theater in Laramie, Wyoming! 


Here's the catch:

The free movies are those made by local Laramie kids and adults with their phones! So, get cracking!  

Only the producer/directors and their families and friends are invited to see these movies. Maybe nobody will bother. Fine.

This is something to get Laramie kids to remember the Wyo... wherever they go. We'll get some videos together and announce a date.
Again, if nobody cares, fine.
The cinema remains closed to the public and only open to invited groups of people.

Make your video, email it to us.

Below is a link to movie edit made by the owner of the Wyo Theatre: combining existing sources to create a larger narrative of the threat facing America as its "for freedom" destructive global military empire collapses... leading to the potential of one party rule under a President Trump.

oday, 192 million Americans are living within 100 miles of the continental US border, They are subject to checkpoint detention and arrest for failing to comply with unconstitutional search and seizure of their persons in violation of the 4th Amendment. My video explains how this evolved since Eisenhower. 

If you want to see it, paste this link into your browser:


The next movie the Wyo owner is making in August:

Him, driving the fifth-place constructor championship car for the 1999 Formula 1 season: 
200 mph, with five times the force of gravity in braking and cornering.