Welcome to the internet home of the beloved 90 year old Wyo Theater in Laramie, Wyoming! Ye haw! Go Pokes! Have a party at the Wyo! It's empty, no food or drink and has a projector!

The Wyo Theatre is now paid off! (despite the vandalism of Laramie's gutter class,the house on Grand has sold: paying off the last remaining debt for the Wyo. 

I paid off a $300,000 debt all by myself... in under three years...and I had time to invent technology providing three spectrum transmission of neural resonance holography. I don't care what anybody in Laramie thinks of that. I have people in Germany and California interested.

The beloved Wyo is for sale: $310,000 until Jan 1 $320,000 after that, to allow for annual

carry costs of $10,000/year.

The Wyo Theatre ownership marks the end of my relationship with a city I was born in 1953. Because I'm leaving Laramie. After being harassed, defamed and literally attacked on the streets of Laramie by Laramie's sick gutter (years of defamation by a Laramie child molester and perjury by a Laramie woman into bestiality)... and about 20-50  online nosering followers because I own a stupid cinema that I didn't want in the first place...

No thanks, I'm leaving the Laramie gutter.

The gutter hate scum of Laramie include a child-stalking molester named Brammer and a fan of animal bestiality named Meg Quillen. She has already committed perjury to the Laramie municipal court in her bleeding effort to achieve a hate goal at any cost (following a traffic incident that had her doing 70mph in a 45mph zone, passing on the right shoulder.)

Quillen describes herself as a "S_it A__ Pet F__ker". In 2014, she was emailing death wishes to the Wyo owner. In 2016, she's committing perjury. Typical of the other scum who follow the child molester Brammer, Quillen now associates with sentenced criminal scum from Arizona named Richard Neese. They may be facing perjury charges together in October, 2016


The punk nosering, Brammer, is a Laramie taxi clown with the fake name and a couple illegitimate children to boot. When not defaming and attacking the Wyo owner on 15 web sites "Brammy" is also a child-molesting online stalker who self-publishes his abuse of girls he stalks the girls online and promotes their suicide.


 Pure Laramie spit. It takes a village. Because of some 20-50 lowlifes like these sick scum, the Wyo Theatre has been closed and only open to one family's birthday party (May 3, 2015, when the family and theatre owner were threatened with physical violence by street scum afterwards). Pure Laramie gutter.

No thanks, the Wyo owner doesn't need the cinema and he doesn't need Laramie. He's selling all his real estate in Laramie and moving by early 2017. The first Laramie property is closing October 18th; and there are multiple offers for the Wyo Theatre.

The Wyo owner never "wanted" the Wyo Theatre. He was asked to "save it" by the previous owners. He changed the locks in the second week of ownership because the employees refused to say "Thanks for coming to the Wyo" to customers; and the manager had been caught writing a theft contract so the employees could loot the business as they quit en-masse after receiving 20% raises.

They represent the lazy, entitled scum of Laramie's workforce -and- the downtown gutter class of drunk, drugged and dangerous lowlifes who used to gather in the balcony at midnight for DVD screenings and beer.  

A year after being closed, the cinema was open one Sunday afternoon (May 3, 2015) for a children's birthday party. Imagine a family that just had a happy birthday party for their child being confronted on the sidewalk outside by two people: wanting a fistfight and accusing the family of being part of a drug deal (a lie kept alive by the scum owner of CROW BAR on 2nd Street in downtown Laramie).

Criminal harassment of the Wyo Theatre's attorney  was conducted by a former KOWB employee in Austin- in violation of a cease and desist order- and was coordinated by Laramie staff of KOWB). The child molester and anonymous threats to downtown business supporters by members of the Laramie and online gutter. 

So what? Who really cares?

Not the hated Wyo owner

My patent research is heating up with statistical significance, leading to clinical trials in a year . 
(I call the human-perceived effects "Neural Resonance Holography" ) My research is as transformative as Marconi's.

Gutter hate Laramie has no idea why a German industrial giant could possibly want (in a press release) "...a form of preconscious communication, where an intuitive signal predicts imminent real time event." 

I've got what the Germans want: my first patent application (2014) describes conditioning human neural response to detect end-of-test sequence (just what the Germans want, "imminent real time event"!) I'm now working on inducing "meaning" via neural signalling that includes a quantum gravitational broadcast component. Yea, I'm crazy.

But I'm not so crazy I'll waste my time on the Wyo. The Lincoln theater in Cheyenne has six screenings a day on two screens (offsetting labor and other operational cost); the Wyo has one screen... and one 7pm start time because downtown Laramie is too drunk to risk a 9pm showing. As a single screen sub run theater, the Wyo was (and is) an economic joke. 

The Wyo Theatre is a "hobby" I don't need. I'd much rather work on changing the tool kit for trans-planetary human consciousness (Mars by 2200, as I know after producing the first-ever, ATVAS award-winning TV documentary on space colonies in 1979.) 

I'd rather help the poor people of Jefferson Parish LA where this race track is located- than the town I was born and raised in. 



New Orleans, August 20, 2016:
I drove the Benetton B-198 for the first time; and had the second fastest lap of eight drivers (all half my age) from USA, China, Norway and Russia. The racer boy Siberian on left didn't make it past Turn 3A. As I un-suited I'd warned him about the 2-3-4 gear combo coming out of T3a- to T8. He didn't listen and told me he hadn't even bothered to memorize the turn numbers.

Hilariously, he stalled on first pit-entry; over-reved on his second try. Once released to "hot lap" helasted 18 seconds...into T3a! Just as I warned him not to: he over-powered in second gear with 740hp in a 1500 lb chassis....spun 180 and stalled!

Thankfully for the car's owner, the diffuser and front wing were not damaged in the spin... because thiscar is racing Road Atlanta in September and Imola in Italy in October.

"Da, Ya tozhe zniyu Rooski yezik"

The only language I don't speak is Laramie gutter.