Why the Wyo Theatre has been closed since 2014

Sunday afternoon, May 3, 2015, the first day the Wyo Theatre had been open after more than a year of renovation and repair costing a total of $300,000

It's a Sunday afternoon in "Laradise" when the local family's birthday party for a 12 year old son comes out of the building after watching their favorite DVD, enjoying popcorn and having fun...

when a woman across the street screams "We see you selling drugs, you _ucking douchebag!"
Then her boyfriend comes forward to get as much violence as he could get...with anybody willing to take him on in the middle of 5th Street...right in front of children.

The father of the family who was involved in this violence agreed with with the Wyo owner: if the cinema was open again to the public, that brand of hate and violence will be an ongoing part of its existence in downtown Laramie. The hatred- against "the Wyo owner" had been stirred up for a year by KOWB's online Laramie Live (which referred to a self-published child stalking taxi owner as a "for more information" news source. By 2016, the radio station and the child stalker were publishing the contact information of the Wyo Theatre's attorney (who had already been criminally harassed in late 2014 by a former KOWB employee named Trujillo- in violation of Austin TX police directive and published cease and desist- in violation of Texas Revised statute 42.07)

The Laramie Boomerang also did what it could to cause as much damage as possible, with letters to the editor from th kiddie perp published under the perp (and his fake wife's) false names; and with Boomerang editor Cameron Maris coordinating defamation with INTENT TO DAMAGE with the perp on Facebook.

Pure spit town Laramie, Wyoming....where dysfunctional noserings like the above defame a property owner and his family across 15 web sites.

Thus it came to be...
with 10 new movie screens being flooded into the Laramie market by a Casper company (making as many screens in Laramie as Cheyenne- with 1/5th the summer population) the Wyo owner simply refused to reopen the Wyo: because he didn't want to carry a gun to work: to protect a "business" (he didn't want in the first place, only agreeing to "save the Wyo"). Great... needing a gun to protect employees and customers he didn't want in the first place- from a Facebook-stirred-up town's sick gutter hate and violence. In 2014, the Wyo owner got a death threat- as Wyo owner- from a sick lowlife into animal sex named Meg Quillen from Torrington..

In August 2016, this sick animal Quillen coached her criminal boyfriend Richard Neese, "Fingerprints! don't leave fingerprints" as the two scum attacked the Wyo owner in his car in West Laramie- after they tried to drive the Wyo owner off the road. Following that, the scum Laramie Police are seen on their own video investigating this, coordinating a false police report which they filed against "the Wyo owner." That video will be on Youtube sooner or later as I spit on the Laramie Police... itself just a part of the sick and violent police apparatus of Wyoming that includes the documented terrorist now in charge of the Wyoming Highway Patrol. The victom of that cop terrorist turned to the Wyo owner for help. Since then, he's been attacked on the highway by unmarked DCI cars

As far as the Wyo owner is concerned, his home town of Laramie Wyoming and the sick going-nopwhere state are simply too filled with spit...for anybody except the desperate, to even want to swim in. The cinema owner, a third generation Laramie native who has managed the donation of $3 million of his family's wealth to some 20 non-profits in Laramie has already left the rathole- to resume inventing and writing which was interrupted when he answered the call from the previous Wyo owner in Idaho.

I have lived, worked and traveled in 23 countries. I typically work on such a high level, an FBI agent in Connecticut told me in 1989 that the CIA had asked the FISA court to authorize his counter-intelligence unit's protection of me- from a KGB tasking order (regarding a book on manned hypersonics I had written.)

These days,I live in Colorado and New Zealand...I'm (again) doing neural resonance research...writing novels and contributing to the aerospace, weather modification and artificial intelligence backbone of two nations... while being totally free from the sick town, state and nation I was raised in: its entitlement, its governance, its fascist elitism and bankrupting global military empire... let alone widdle Laramie's sickly corrupt media, police and courts. 

For me, Laramie is just a pure student whorehouse of a town in a hate-filled Anbar Province of a state in an elitist/ fascist-goverend, bankrupted and socially collapsing global military empire which President Eisenhower warned about in his 1961 farewell speech.

Reopen the Wyo Theatre and serve popcorn to a eight people a night and carry a concealed weapon?

That's too sick to be funny.