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1931: The oldest known photograph of the (Crown) Theater, renamed Wyo Theatre in 1949. Note that side doors allowed exit from balcony; center door was for admission.

1936: The film playing for this VFW adudience was HIGH TENSION.

1953: advertising in Laramie Boomerang for the three downtown cinemas of the day, still called "Fox" theaters-
despite the 1948 "Paramount ruling".

2014-2016: before restoration and improvement in 2014 and 2015 the "beloved Wyo" was a (dead bird) virus-infected, unheated and totally unprofitable, unheated and poorly maintained s__ house of an obsolete- no parking- cinema; where ice for drinks was served from a machine directly exposed to atmospheric-transported asbestos in the basement. The north wall had been "repaired" with plaster (which absorbs water!). The rear state roof was shot to hell and needed total replacement.

ONE MAN- 60 years old- was asked in 2014 to "Save the Wyo. "From Cheyenne to Cody, you're said to be the only person who can do it," was the BS from the previous owner in Idaho. That was REAL bullshit. But JAG Real Estate -did- take over the s___hole...for ONE REASON: he (is) also the president of a family foundation which has given $5 million to dozens of Laramie non profits for over a decade (at $300,000+ a year). Based on that gifting experience in 2014, he'd only seen that the problems of Laramie were getting worse.

By 2016, the owner of JAG Real Estate (again 60 years old) had single handedly painted the entire structure from 40 foot ladders. He's repaired the roof, installed a $9,000 heating system, paid to put someone through asbestos school in Denver to clean the s__house up. He engineered and rebuilt the signage (working in minus 10 temperatures, below). He put $18,000 in new doors on the building, tore out and restored the lobby, made work areas possible and restored the black light illumination of the mural cowboys in the auditorium.

... and in return, this man who agreed to "Save the Wyo" was defamed in the Laramie Boomerang for five years, on KOWB's Laramie Live for six years (and defamed by a Laramie child stalking taxi owner across 15 web sites). He received one death threat, suffered vehicular assault (from the same person who sent the death threat...who was close friend of a Boomerang editor who was, himself, documented in a defamation conspiracy online and off ). In May of 2015, the owner of JAG Real Estate was physically attacked- along with a family celebrating a child's birthday party- in the street in front of the cinema. he watched Laramie Police video: as they framed him for the woman's vehicular assault in West Laramie (the lead cop also coached the woman in court before her hearing).

KOWB's defamation for six years (2014-2020) is actionable because they use a child stalking sociopath taxi owner as a news source in updating their organized defamation and interstate harassment . The Boomerang's 2019 defamation is actionable due to the newspaper's reference to the defamation at KOWB Laramie Live; and because of documented evidence that a civil conspiracy (involving Boomerang employees from 2014 to 2015; and with publication in 2019 being done with clear malice and intent to damage: the reputation of someone who has managed the gifting to Laramie non-profits with $5 million over more than a decade.

The Boomerang's August 30, 2019 story was carelessly published with outright (news editor) opinion- not quotes- and added false statement of facts, careless mis-quoting and reference to KOWB's five years of defamation, done in partnership with a documented child stalker.