After three years of organized hate and defamation, criminal and civil threat, criminal assault on customers (a family, Sunday May 3, 2015) and false police reporting with perjury in municipal court (2016)... Laramie loses:

a 90 year old landmark cinema AND the only person in Laramie (in the state) who would give a ____ about the point that he'd "invest"  a third of a million in a hole like the Wyo Theatre to "save" it for Laramie children and families.

Net result: After installing a $7,000 circuit board in the projector to enable Laramie kids to make their own "movies" on smart phones and email them to the theater (so they could see their own movies) not one of 10 PTA members in Laramie even bothered to respond to an invitation in April 2016 for a summer children's film series. Laramie children can rot at the mall now. Hell, they can grow up to be stalked and molested online by the "#1` critic" of the Wyo:

Imagine being defamed and lied about on 15 web sites by a fake name "public figure" like Matthew "Brammer", a scum who stalks underage girls online, tells them to kill themselves and publishes his abuse online! Imagine what this scum has said about me and my family, published by his future co-defendants, KOWB and Boomerang (Brammer's big mistake was stating in writing that his goal was to damage me financially; and to be documented coordinating his intent to damage with both KOWB and Boomerang employees. In 2016, KOWB's corporate council in Connecticut intervened with Laramie Live's obvious defamation with intent to stoke the malice and hate that has led to families being attacked outside the cinema). Here is the Laramie "public figure." stalking girls in his own words, telling them to kill themselves:


That low scum worked in 2014 with both KOWB and Boomerang employees to cause as much online damage as possible to ensure the long term failure of the Wyo Theatre. He telephoned Altitude restaurant and anonymously berated/intimidated/threatened a student shift manager "for your support of the Wyo Theatre owner." The man is sick, but there's about 20 scum noserings who love him in the gutter of Laramie. He speaks for nosering hate of "alternate" Laradise.

One of them is Meg Quillen, a woman into bestiality (she digs oral sex with animals) and is an activist, heading "Wyoming Cop Block".

Quillen was a friend of the Boomerang editor (Cameron Maris, documented coordinating with Brammer to damage the Wyo owner any way possible). In 2014, Quillen sent a carefully-worded death threat to the Wyo owner. In 2016, she was coaching her criminal boyfriend, Richard Neese of Arizona to attack me in my car, "Fingerprints! Don't leave fingerprints," was her advice.

Now, imagine  Laramie police (documented on their own video) manipulating their police report to exonerate Quillen and Neese and pile as much ___ on "He's the owner of the Wyo Theatre," as possible. Pure Laramie scum include cops: like Laramie police officer Owens who was seen on the video...or over at the Sheriff office where deputies get off the hook for stealing cocaine from evidence lockers...then go on to be DCI agents in charge of drug busts! Go Leazenby!


No way will I open this theater to this kind of criminal threat....and corrupt police response. No way. I've seen one family threatened and know what kind of violence is in the gutter of Laramie, Wyoming.

Laramie has lost a 90 year old cinema and a third generation Laramie native whose family has contributed $3 million to the non profit organizations of this self-inflicted damaged town.

Now, finally, I can be working full time with PhD's on mathematically invariant brainwave transduction (what I should have stayed with in 2014 when I was asked to "save" the Wyo Theatre. The scum employees wouldn't even say "Thank you for coming to the Wyo" to customers and within two weeks were under a theft contract written by the manager to loot the place as they quit en-masse .

Pure Laramie.

After seeing Laramie's guttered, corrupt future firsthand as a local business owner subject to physical attack and seeing malice (from every level... corrupt local cops... Council's sick self-described corruption... the Crow Bar owner saying I've been seen selling drugs at the Wyo... too many ways to list) I don't want to live in "Laradise" any longer.

The "saved" Wyo is for sale... $320,000.

Not even the Laramie PTA want to have a children's film series at the Wyo Theatre! Fine, it can sit beautiful and empty on fifth street as a monument to the entitled, self-destructive Laramie.

The father of the family that was abuse and threatened with attack Sunday May 3, 2015 said in agreement, "I wouldn't open it up either. They'd be right there causing trouble."

Count me out...

Gone with the Gunsmoke

Serigraph by Billy Schenck